Do people in Alabama recycle?

People are always saying, “no question is a dumb question,” but I’m a firm believer that there are indeed some dumb questions. Just the other day, I was asked the most absurd question I have ever had the privilege of hearing and, in turn, ridiculing. “Do people in Alabama recycle?” The questioner questioned. Delivered with … Continue reading Do people in Alabama recycle?


Meeting Liz Gilbert

Last weekend, I checked a major item off my bucket list, an item I thought would forever be filed under the “wishful thinking” category. My best friend and I left early Sunday morning, stopping first for egg white english muffins, then began the 5 hour drive from New York to South Portland, Maine, a city … Continue reading Meeting Liz Gilbert

Me, My Selfie & I.

Let’s face it. Since the invention of the front-facing camera, we’ve all been fearfully curious about what we look like on screen. Whether we use it for a mirror to find that pesky eyelash scraping our cornea or turn on the camera unaware we left on the front-facing setting, we are are eventually faced with … Continue reading Me, My Selfie & I.