Rejuvenate Wellness Project


Several months ago, I took some personal inventory and spread out my interests on a theoretical table. “Surely, I can make these all fit,” I said to myself, rearranging my hobbies & strengths into an imaginary collage of my ideal career. I sat back to let my eyes soften and refocus on the bigger picture depicted in front of me. There were aspects of my quiet side such as writing and communication, and then there was my glaring love for fitness. Somehow fitness always seemed to be the superficial appendage that I couldn’t seem to correlate with the core of myself. But it wasn’t too long before I saw the link.

The core of myself was made stronger, more able, and more empowered by fitness. It wasn’t just the lifting or the races, but the journey between. It was the days when I told my mind to be still, that I was enough. Then I followed the crazy whim of imparting that on others. So, only months into my job of being a personal trainer, I realized that fitness is therapy. My clients weren’t worried about body inches as much as body image. Powerful smiles spread across the faces of women when I told them they were strong. A sense of new-found relevance and belonging beamed from the eyes of the elderly when they used machines alongside bodybuilders.

Ergo, my idea. Fitness Therapy. Stick with me

Eventually, I want to offer a clinical approach by having a degree in some sort of therapy or rehabilitation counseling (5 year plan,) but until that day, I just want to show people that they are able. I want to open their eyes to the curative qualities of fitness, allowing them a way to withdraw from busy life and repair their minds & bodies. As I tossed these ideas around my own head, I knew I’d find some true accountability if I spoke the idea into being. That’s when I called a fitness therapy studio in New York and talked with the owner. The wealth of logistical information he gave was priceless, but none better than the confidence he imparted on a complete stranger.

“What are you waiting for?” he asked. “The degree will come later. Just find a place to facilitate your idea and begin with a prototype.”

And so that’s what I did. After gathering a small staff, creating an itinerary, securing a location, seeking funding options, and playing tug-of-war with my inner, timid business woman, Rejuvenate! Wellness Project is under way. It is a completely mobile idea that I hope to see evolve and grow into something that will restore a people’s faith in themselves and their abilities.

This fall, with the backdrop of an Episcopal Camp in Northwest Alabama, a group will gather the create the first of what I hope to be many groups involved with this project. This retreat style weekend will be packed with workouts, nutrition/supplement counseling, personalized training, monitored meal-preps, dietary advice and art therapy.

Visit our website at:

Want to be part of Rejuvenate! Wellness Project?

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Share! Spread the news by sharing this blog on social media
  2. Support! Donate by following the startup fund link on the website.
  3. Sign up! The Fall retreat is for 12 women of moderate fitness ability. Don’t wait! Sign up using the registration form on the website today!


Sharing will let more people know about this event and help us know what other groups would be interested. Our hope is that Rejuvenate! will eventually be a program for seniors, couples, athletes, and many more.

Supporting will help get this project off the ground. This is vital. The initial foundation and planning has been done- now we just need to equip the project. Contact us to see how you can help and how your donation will be used.

Signing up will ensure that you have a spot in the first Rejuvenate! group.






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