Open Letter to Tomi Lahren: your words about DAPL are heinous.



Dear Tomi Lahren,

I just finished watching your Final Thoughts on the Dakota Access Pipeline, and the injustice and racism you spewed was disgraceful. I know you’re from the Dakotas, but have you been there to actually see the peaceful and prayerful camps? I’ve been, and it doesn’t look how you describe it- with fires, vandalism and all. I would repost your video, but my righteous anger won’t allow me reward you with the shares. Here’s a breakdown of some of your quotes and why they’re so despicable.


1.“The pipeline isn’t on tribal lands, so no one’s taking anything. Get that!” 

The pipeline does, in fact, come within a half mile of Sioux land. To be more historically accurate, much more land (where the pipeline runs) was promised to the tribe by the Treaty of Fort Laramie in 1868. A decade later, the government unlawfully “renegotiated” land because whites believed there was gold on the property. Greed and broken promises. Sounds about right, America.

Source: Legal Case for Blocking the DAPL

2. “It’s 92 feet below the riverbed!”

DAPL is Keystone Pipeline waiting to happen. Keystone spilled over 21,000 gallons of oil, some of which was not even reported. An extension of this pipeline was even rejected by President Obama because of the environmental trauma it might cause.

Source: Keystone Leak Worse Than Thought

Source: Why Dakota is the New Keystone

3.“Why did they fail to show up?”

Standing Rock objected to the pipeline nearly 2 years ago. And quite frankly, if tribal leaders showed up to the all the meetings regarding the pipeline, would their voices have been recognized? History says no.

Source: Tribe Objected to Pipeline 2 Years Ago

4.“Cry for money and attention.”

Maybe this is, in part, true. The Standing Rock tribe is crying out for money to support their efforts to fight for human rights and to draw attention to the ongoing genocide.

Helpful read: I am a white person who went to Standing Rock

5. Last and most despicable, “It’s 85% complete. Deal with it.”

Sounds like it could be part of the transcript from Andrew Jackson’s “Indian Removal Policy” in 1838.

Source: If a source is needed to make you believe that this ideology is heinous, there are bigger problems. If you want the history, here it is.


3 thoughts on “Open Letter to Tomi Lahren: your words about DAPL are heinous.

  1. Never ceases to amaze me at the things you are interested in or support now. Weird how much you’ve changed.
    This isn’t you. It’s a copy cat of your new peers.
    Love Toni btw. She is always spot on.

  2. How spiteful to post that pic of you two. Just renewed all my original feelings, multiplied exponentially. I’ll withhold the rest of my feelings about it since this is public. Don’t worry tho. I will never look at this blog again. I don’t know the girl who writes it.

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