Women’s March FAQ

What is a snowflake? A “snowflake” is an emotionally intelligent, sensitive individual who is able to put themselves in the shoes of another, thus understanding problems and plights beyond their own. When assembled, snowflakes create an avalanche. There is strength in empathy. I already have all the rights I need. They aren’t marching for me. … Continue reading Women’s March FAQ


Silent for too long. An open letter to Rick Burgess.

Rick, Nearly two years ago, you replied to an email from my mother. She was mourning the loss of her daughter— that’s me— because I am gay. She came to you, a radio talkshow host, to ask about the security of my salvation. You wondered why I would “redefine intimacy with no conviction” because “the … Continue reading Silent for too long. An open letter to Rick Burgess.

You’re a pal, C.S. Lewis.

"(...)Theology is practical: especially now. In the old days, when there was less education and discussion, perhaps it was possible to get on with a very few simple ideas about God. But it is not so now. Everyone reads, everyone hears things discussed. Consequently, if you do not listen to Theology, that will not mean … Continue reading You’re a pal, C.S. Lewis.