Silent for too long. An open letter to Rick Burgess.


Nearly two years ago, you replied to an email from my mother. She was mourning the loss of her daughter— that’s me— because I am gay. She came to you, a radio talkshow host, to ask about the security of my salvation. You wondered why I would “redefine intimacy with no conviction” because “the Bible is clear.” You talked about me as if I had a wretched illness, telling my mother to “pray, pray, pray that I love Christ more than my sexuality.” The reason I know these things is because she forwarded your conversation to me. It was actually among the last of communication attempts between us. Never have I felt so vulnerable, wrongly berated, unable to defend myself, and frankly, so sad I ached. But I still had hope that she would hear and be gracious enough to understand my side one day.

Imagine my utter shock and excitement when I woke up to see Brandi’s article on Friday. (For new readers— Brandi is Rick’s daughter who came out publicly as bisexual in an article.) I immediately found a way to message your daughter, to reach out for some sort of empathy and applaud her outright bravery. Coming out in a southern, Christian family is grueling. But it’s exceedingly difficult trying to cling to that same precious faith as it is being simultaneously ripped from our hands. During the most tumultuous time of my life, when I needed my God the most, you made me feel outcast and vile. I had just begun to heal. Seeing Brandi’s news and corresponding with her was even more soothing to my soul. But then you targeted us on your show. My mother was listening— listening to your broad admonitions and expansive vocabulary about redemption— and because of that, you’ve probably sabotaged my chances of making things okay.

We are on the same side, Rick. I am a professing Christian wishing to be in equal communion with my brothers and sisters, yet you’ve shunned me. I’m not a prodigal. Please don’t assign me to that role. I didn’t want to leave. But no one will listen long enough to hear me. There may be division in your household (like you & Matthew 10 mentions,) but don’t assume yourself equipped enough to testify that Brandi, me or any gay person has caused the division— lest this be projecting your own bias and interpretation upon scripture— which we silly, hippie Jesus millennials aren’t supposed to do, correct? What if, just perhaps, those of us gay Christians (who haven’t been rejected and scorned beyond repair) are being called to reveal what the Bible truly says? Not reinterpret, reinvent, or gloss-over, but truly speak the message of Christ’s inclusive love.

Here’s the part where you say, “but the Bible is clear and consistent on homosexuality.” While on the air, you said you wouldn’t justify Brandi all the way to hell, but did you explain the verses you think are responsible for such a bold statement? You said Brandi couldn’t even back up her stance. Well here I am, and I’m ready to back her up. If you want me to break it down verse by verse, let’s get together for coffee later. For now, we need to know the difference between re-inventing and expounding. C.S. Lewis himself equates Theology (the science of God) to exploration and practicality rather than just emotion. “If you do not listen to Theology,” he said, “that will not mean that you have no ideas about God. It will mean that you have a lot of wrong ones — bad, muddled, out-of-date ideas.” C.S Lewis described some of our fundamental dependencies on stories, or “novelties,” in the Bible as being rooted in ignorance— akin to the type of retrogression that allowed people to think the earth flat. You see, theology expounds on what is already written, citing contextually that all references to homosexual behavior are texts exposing the sins of lust, idolatry, rape, and prostitution— not condemning a God-centered, committed, same-sex relationship. Nothing has been changed. It’s all there.

In fact, in Romans chapter 1, Paul describes a sinful nature that continues to corrupt and produce even more sin. In my short time of being out and meeting other gay Christians, I have yet to meet a more intrinsically kind, holy, Christ-led group of people with such zeal for the Spirit. Morgan Guyton, in his blog Mercy Not Sacrifice poses similar arguments: “So when you encounter gay Christians who are plainly not ‘filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, covetousness, malice… envy, murder, strife, deceit, craftiness… [and who aren’t] gossips, slanderers, God-haters, insolent, haughty, boastful, inventors of evil, etc (v. 29-31), it seems very legitimate to ask whether the ‘shameless acts’ Paul is talking about in verses 27-28 were sinful for a reason other than the genders involved (like promiscuity, adultery, recklessness, etc.)”

The real issue here is fear. The opposite of love is not hate— it is fear. I know you don’t hate Brandi, you don’t even hate her choices. Perhaps there really is something to the term, “homophobia.” You are frightened of them because you’ve not searched deep enough to understand. You’ve not searched enough in scripture, in your own heart, or within communities unlike your own. You couldn’t even muster within yourself to say the word gay. Instead, you stumbled around the subject with shame, talking about her “decision” and “her own journey.”

So, like the prodigal story, there will be people topping a hill to come back home, but it won’t be because of a squandered inheritance or a rebellious heart. We as professing Christians, no matter who we are, have already inherited the kingdom of God. We are just waiting for our families to celebrate with us. As we crawl out from under the burden of an foregone construct into the new light of Christ, we are “no longer male and female… we are all one in Christ Jesus” (Galatians 3:28)


Meredith G


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  1. I don’t know what Bible you read from, but in Leviticus 20:13 it CLEARLY STATES “If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.”. Read about Sodom & Gomorrah, why that city was DESTROYED by God. Homosexuality is clearly a sin & not acceptable, and those who CHOOSE to lie down with the same sex as they would in a male/female marriage are not to inherit the Kingdom of God. They will be persecuted & condemned to the fires of Hell. You can’t change God’s Word to make it say what you want it to say, it’s clearly WRITTEN. And HIS Word is above man’s laws & interpretations of HIS OWN WORD!!! In the aspect of one another not passing judgement on others, you are correct. But spreading the truth that is written & stated in The Word of God is simply sharing HIS message with others that are lost. Don’t condemn Rick Burgess for sharing God’s TRUTH with her, and wanting his daughter to see the errors of her way. Give him praise for being a disciple for The Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ!!! Rejoice in the fact that there are still people out there who are NOT AFRAID to share the Gospel with others who are seeking to find redemption, and the fact that his teachings may help bring someone to salvation & repentance for the sins committed against God the Father. Rejoice in the fact that EVEN YOU can be redeemed & forgiven for your sins by confessing that Jesus Christ is Lord with your own mouth. Don’t let Satan work through you to tell others that it’s okay to sin against God’s Word & that they’ll still inherit HIS Kingdom. Don’t succumb to the lies that Satan & this world will lead you to believe, read the Word of God as it is written, without interpreting as you wish it to say.

    1. You sound big on following the Bible as it is written.

      Leviticus 11:12, as it is written in the King James version of the Bible: “Whatsoever hath no fins nor scales in the waters, that shall be an abomination unto you.”

      I had shrimp for dinner last night so I guess I won’t be inheriting His kingdom.

      How about Deuteronomy 22:11? “Thou shalt not wear a garment of diverse sorts, as of woollen and linen together.” Guess my cotton blend sweater is gonna burn in hell with me.

      Here’s a favorite of mine. John 3:16: “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

      I don’t see any caveats there, about shellfish or clothing or homosexuality. “Whosoever” sounds pretty inclusive to me. Why don’t you take THAT verse as it’s written?

    2. will you be ready to kick you son/daughter to the street if he/she says that he/she is gay/lesbian? all the love that you had for all those years just washed away in few minutes?

  2. I love this post!! It’s terrible how alienated our fellow gay Christian brothers and sisters feel persecuted by other Christians, in THIS day and time. Good for you for speaking out, and knowing you are loved by God and indeed created in his image.

  3. This made me extremely happy and peaceful. Its not just gay ladies and gents that find hope in this but those of us who question religion are also treated similarly, or at least here in the south you are.

    I have my own struggles with religion and being from “Sweet Home” Alabama like Brandi, it’s difficult to have conversations with people who refuse to hear what you have to say. I can still empathize and understand the forced upon mantle of shame and distance.

    Thank you.

  4. I am the wretched mother of Meredith G. Meredith has struggled to fit in somewhere all her life. She found it in the homosexual community. She hides behind her beautiful writing so she can get her word out without ever considering the opposition.
    I need to make a few points that only I as her mother know. In the beginning of her newfound journey I asked her point blank if she believed that God, from the beginning of time meant for people to pair up any way they chose. Man/woman? Man/man? Woman/woman? Her answer was YES. Yes, is what she said. Now if that is the case, there would NEVER have been a difference made between gay and straight. From the beginning of time we would all just be people. Never a question about how people paired up, nothing. It would be a non issue. In fact, there wouldn’t have even been a reason for God to make two sexes. What would be the point? We wouldn’t need activists and gays having to run to the liberal left to empathize with other oppressed people. They could actually choose to be conservative because they wouldn’t be thought of as different. It would have been this way all along. No gay. No straight. Not sure when she lost that idea but after much study of history sympathetic to her cause she has come to realize that God has given a new word to this generation. The generation we call millennials. Their cause has been well received by millennials and non millennials alike, because it emphasizes the word LOVE. So Satan is beating us at our own game, if you will. So now with this new belief she has basically spoken out of both sides of her mouth. She didn’t quite have her shit together the first time I asked her. Which tells me that she was going to be gay one way or another even if it took her a while to figure out how to justify it.
    One reason this has deeply hurt me, murdered me actually, is because she and others like her basically feel sorry for us poor, backward, southern fundamentalists. Well I am southern and I believe that God’s Word is true. I don’t pick and choose which sin is now no longer sin. It’s not my call. And if some passages are nothing more than myths, fables or stories then how could we even know for sure that Jesus’ sacrifice is anything more than a fairytale?
    One of us is right. One of us is wrong.
    I don’t have an outadated belief system as Meredith chooses to call it. I don’t even have a belief system. I have a religion, a relationship, a God Who never changes and the blood of Christ who forgives my sin.
    The question is already formed in your head. I can feel it. “If you believe homosexuality is sin and you believe in forgiveness, can’t God forgive homosexuality?” Of course He can. If the homosexual REPENTS. She has committed to this sin.
    I love her beyond measure which is why I wake up every morning feeling as if I’ve been punched in the stomach and more recently as if I have a knife in my heart. It has been one year, nine months and and twelve days since she told me this and I still grieve. If she has guts, she will not delete my reply but I fear that she will not want people to know what she has done to me and all the people who love her but won’t tell her that they disagree with her. My relationship with her has ended. Not that I don’t believe that God could change her heart but she is stubborn and dead set against giving up on this and coming home. Plus she has put a lot of man hours into studying to find a way to justify this lifestyle which might be an indication that she, too, knows it is sin.
    And finally to those that believe as I do but say, “Can’t you just have a relationship with her anyway? You don’t have to accept it or the culture to have a relationship.” To you I say this. I tried for a year. I said very very mean things in my initial shock and then tried on several occasions to just have a relationship with her as long as she agreed to keep that part of her life separate. She agreed. And hey! That NYC trip was a blast. But I found it emotionally exhausting trying to pretend I was with My Meredith the whole time only to say goodbye knowing she was going back to her life. And our realationship finally ended when I caught her lying while trying to fit in the Bernie Sanders crowd and posting on fb that she was drowning in school debt. You see, we, her parents payed every single penny of her college and books except for the small scholarships at the beginning and the one that covered her fourth out of five years. Tuition only. We still payed books. We even gave her gas and spending money. We drained an annuity and had to put one semester on a credit card. We bought her first car. See she was willing to lie and try to throw her parents under the bus to fit in with a crowd. Now on a side note, she borrowed money to pay for her Master’s and then quit. If she squandered that money, society doesn’t owe that for her. But I digress.
    So I’ve watched this new lifestyle unfold and her desperate attempt to keep her religion and her lifestyle and even degrading and mocking those of us who choose to believe all of God’s Word. So I haven’t left my child. She has left me and I am here with open arms if she ever denounces this sin.

    1. M’s mom, please view this video. I will not call you wrong or tell you that I feel sorry for you. I do, however, hope you will spend just 1 day from the moment you wake up until you drift off for the night- putting yourself in a position to attempt to be open to the possibility that there could be another message in the Bible if you look deeper. Put yourself in her shoes for only one day. Research everything you can – reread familiar passages with a different historical perspective- If you drift back to mom land, Fight your way back. Just for one day. Will it change you mind? No- it won’t, but it’s completely possible in that walk that you may find not an alternate truth- but that the truth may be bigger than you can see from where you are standing at this moment. If nothing else, it shows your daughter you are willing to fight for her- for at least one day.

      1. Rarely respond to comments…I don’t agree with homesexuality, but would not disown my child. Love the sinner, not the sin.

      2. I find it very sad that you not only disowned her, but then took this opportunity to “out” her as a liar. This is what frustrates a lot of people, because you profess to be a fine upstanding Christian who can’t believe how your child has hurt you. However, you did not do the Christian thing by accepting her or blasting her for supposedly being a liar. Oh and by the way, if she took loans out for a Masters and still owes that money, well guess what, she does have loan debit and that does not make her a liar.

  5. Yes I believe that God can & will forgive homosexuals, provided that they submit to HIM in repentance & ask for forgiveness and mercy. With that being said, along with repentance they have to be celibate & adhere to the Word of God. You can’t willing and knowingly go against His Word day in and day out just to satisfy your mind that all will be okay. You have to ask for forgiveness & then live your life accordingly. You either choose your sin, or choose to live by His Word. If people will read the scriptures AS IT IS WRITTEN, IT CLEARLY STATES HIS WORD!!! There’s only one way to read it, don’t add or subtract or change the words of fit the lifestyle you want to live. Keep it simple, follow His Word, & you’ll not have to worry about spending eternity in Hell. I’m not condemning anyone for their beliefs, it isn’t for me to say. The Bible clearly states what actions will bring forth condemnation, and each & every one of us will be judged by HIM when HE returns to take HIS people to the streets of gold. Every time someone dies, all you hear at their services is how they’ve gone on to a better place & joined Jesus in Heaven. I’m sorry, but EVERYONE doesn’t go to Heaven. In fact, the Bible states that there will FEW that inherits the Kingdom of God.

    1. I have a friend that is gay and willalways be. But he does not live the lifestyle and fights is daily. Left his job as a stylist to get away from temptations. He’s now a man who counsels other people to help them. He did not wake up as a Christian and magically started liking girls. He has to fight his sin daily. Same as if you had a drug addiction or in my case a food addiction.

  6. Mom of the year award! You are choosing not to have a relationship with your daughter. Im not a christain, largely because of narrow interpretations of a book that can only be proven by faith. Im not gay either, so my thoughts are about relationships and how they work. You will have to accept your whole daughter. What you refer to as satan winning, is true. Hes fueling your hate, hes the one who is decieving you. As a non- believer, i call this satan, pride. It creates a hateful heart and leaves you alone, lonely, estranged. Also, not a millinial, but the construct of love is agape or unconditional. Jesus love is that way too. You are both christains so maybe you should get together and study the bible, its passages, and maybe define or open your hearts to a greater understanding of eachother. If you cant find a way to try and see her perspective or at least show some dignity and respect, you will no longer have a daughter. There cant be a bridge if we hide behind walls. I hope you can find the courage to accept the things you cannot change, and the strength to love them regardless

    1. Two things. You do not know my family or what has come about the last year, nine months and twelve days. I Secondly you lost me when you said, “As a non-believer”. You couldn’t possibly understand.

      1. Also, if you think you came up with “because of narrow interpretations of a book” you need to get out more. It’s about as original as, “I don’t go to church because it’s full of hypocrites”. I have convictions that will not be compromised. Thanks for the ‘mom of the year award’ but I haven’t gone anywhere. She left. Now kindly stay out of my family business. Comment on her blog if you want and tell how beautifully written it is but stay out of my business.

  7. Referring to a previous reply, Christianity has not changed every 500 years or had a ‘rummage sale’ every 500 years. Christians, or so called christians have changed. Christianity HAS NOT changed. People, like yourself, are trying to change it. You could not be more wrong on that point.
    Also, since you feel good about mocking me and my fundamentalist views, I’m gonna take a cheap shot and say, now that your religion doesn’t call homosexuality a sin, I’m assuming y’all don’t call fornication a sin either. What’s next?

  8. My thoughts as a Christian. The very first command given to mankind – Adam and Eve – be fruitful and multiply. This was God’s simple design and plan from the very beginning. Please explain to me how it is possible to misinterpret that one single command. The homosexual community can not do this. Homosexuality is unnatural and goes against what God intended from the very beginning. But perhaps God has evolved and adapted to us and now gets it. NO a thousand times NO. HE HAS NOT CHANGED HIS MIND ON THIS OR ANY OTHER SIN, and yet He loves us all SO Much to bring us out of this or any other sin. Every struggle is real, and He offers us victory over our sins, but He never adapts to our belief system. As a heterosexual male that God created that way who loves women, does the way God created me give me permission to pursue any woman I wish and have sex with her. No if I were unmarried it would be fornication. Since I have been married for 25 wonderful years, No again, it would be adultery. Both are sins just like homosexuality, but God gives me victory over those sins and my “feelings” and “longings” for those sins. Just because one feels they are a certain way doesn’t make it right. God got it right in the beginning and He still has got it right today. I pray sincerely for anyone who continously struggles with homosexuality or any other sin, and thank God that He continues to forgive us as we ask.

  9. Cathy, clearly your anger is getting the best of you. I don’t know you yet I can see from your writings that anger wins. You just told the previous person that posted to stay out of your business? Hello…news flash…you just made your business public. So please don’t expect that courtesy.

    I am a Christian and was raised in the Methodist church. I understand the Bible. I also understand that it’s not your place to ostracize your daughter because of her sexual orientation. It’s your place to love and accept her exactly the way she is. I adore my 3 children and cannot imagine treating them the way you are your daughter… even if I didn’t agree with her choices! Sad.

  10. Please don’t tell me my place. This is not anger. It is conviction. I have been the one that has been silent too long. She has not been. I’m not even sure why the latest thing she wrote was titled this. But I am speaking for moms that do not support and accept their child’s homosexuality and are afraid to come out of their own closet for fear of being ridiculed by ppl such as yourself and even worse, accused by some of not loving their child. If I didn’t love her, I wouldn’t waste the time or emotionally energy. You have no idea what all this has done to me and I wake each morning feeling punched in the stomach and I am just struggling to survive.
    Yes I realize I posted publicly but it doesn’t change the feeling that I wish someone to stay out of my business. If any of your children are gay and tell you later, get back in touch and I will applaud whatever path you choose. Until then it would be great if you kept your condemnation to yourself.

  11. Meredith I am a little embarrassed for you that you quoted Galatians 3:28, “neither male or female” as indicating some sort of gender neutrality and it justified homosexuality. It is just stating that salvation is for the Jew or Greek, male or female, etc. It shows that you are grasping.

    1. Ma’am, it seems you are really distressed. Your suffering is unnecessary, might I suggest that you perhaps not take on the whole world in the comments section of a blog post and focus your efforts on processing your feelings, some journaling maybe, attending to your own emotional needs. This tactic is not helping your cause, your estrangement from your daughter, or your mental health. I’ll pray for your health and wellbeing, and I encourage you to connect with an experienced professional.

  12. Cathy and Rick,

    Reading all of this I’ve just realized: I can’t show my babies the love of Jesus and condemn them at the same time. So much suffering and so little time. God doesn’t have grandkids. Go Love on your daughters.

  13. What I find disconcerting in all of these posts and discussions is the absence of the grace of God. The accusers appear to come from a position of “without sin” and the accused refuse to admit their sin. We live in a fallen world. Sin has affected every aspect of our lives and our world and it is only God’s grace that allows any of us to be considered His children. But to preach as if one does not sin themselves is ludicrous. Rick Burgess sins every day. Everyone sins every day. Where is God’s magnanimous grace in your rhetoric? When you make sin the issue rather than Christ, you hang Him back on that cross. There is no sin except the sin of rejecting His salvation that cannot be forgiven. The context that seems to be overlooked in much of these discussions is the difference between saved and unsaved. One who has accepted Christ is forgiven with no conditions nor exceptions. God’s grace is sufficient to forgive any sin, be it verbal abuse of homosexuality. Way too many of the accusers appear to ignore the sins they commit every day as if they are inconsequential and homosexuality is unforgivable. Stop cherry picking the bible and start reading it as a whole, it’s not about us, people, it is entirely and completely about Jesus. If you are going to hold your daughters sins up to them, you must also hold your own sin in front of yourself. But again, sin is not the issue, Jesus is the issue, and the solution. Love Jesus. Follow Jesus. Preach Jesus. Share Jesus. Work out your salvation through your sanctification. Our responsibility is not to rid the world of sin but to share the love and grace of God through Jesus Christ. These double standards set forth by the loudest accusers are an affront to the Truth. We all sin and we all need the grace and forgiveness of a holy and loving God. Many of these accusers appear to forget just how much God has forgiven of them as they cast aspersions upon those whose sins are different than theirs. Homosexuality is not unforgivable. Jesus blood covers all sin for those who accept Him as Lord and Savior. Meredith, work out your salvation, it’s between you and God and no one else. Grace and Peace!

      1. The legalism of your religion does not allow for the grace in a relationship with the One who created us all. May God forgive you for your part in broken relationships. You sound so much like the religious leaders who hounded Jesus.

  14. Love your post! There will be a lot of really surprised people when their soul make it to heaven and they find many there they didn’t expect to see. Beautiful words written with love from your heart.

  15. So I am going to wade in to the fray here with my view. There are obviously hurt feelings on both sides. Great we are adults move on. The conversation is do we want to have a relationship, from the daughters description it is exhausting trying to be who she thinks her mother wants her to be, and from the mothers description she does not want to have a relationship while her daughter is leading a lifestyle with which she does not agree. So the answer is no we don’t want to have a relationship. We want to have a fantasy. The daughter wants the fairytale of unconditional love and support sold to us in the movies, the self sacrificing mother who gives all for her child. Oh and she wants to be right. The mother also wants to be right, clinging blindly to a belief that she know what is best for her daughter and she knows the way to salvation.

    So you may say I am harsh so a little about me. I am a late 40s white male born and raised in the south in protestant religions. I have a wife and 2 daughters. I Loved Rick and Bubba at Q-104 in Gadsden when they started and were excited when they moved to Birmingham. I do not agree with most of the proselytizing they do, I find that it is found in a fundamentalist view of the Bible which does not encourage study, thought, or introspection, but it does not mean they are not well intentioned. Remember what is said about good intentions though.
    So we want to preach from the Bible from a fundamentalist position. So in Genesis 1 we find the account of Creation Genesis 1:2 God created the Earth 1:3 Light 1:6 the oceans 1:9 land 1:14 night and day 1:20 Animals of every kind and in 1:26 Mankind in his image 1:27 “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” God Created Male and Female. Yet in Genesis 2:20 “And Adam gave names to all cattle, and to the fowl of the air, and to every beast of the field; but for Adam there was not found an help meet for him” So in 2:21-23 God made Eve. Wait where was the female before that. In a literal reading where did the female go. Also in 2:24 “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh” God just made them of his own hands, there were no parents how would they know to leave them. In Genesis 4 Eve bore Cain and Able. In Genesis 4:17 Cain new his wife and in 4:18 bore him a son Enoch. Wait where did she come from. There was only Adam and Eve, Cain and Able. Where did other people come from. Fundamental readings are misleading. You have to accept this is a writing of an oral tradition passed down for Thousands of years if not longer before it was transcribed. If you begin to accept that you begin to pick threads at the belief this is built on.
    Now Fundamentalist will begin to build their distaste for Homosexuality on the Old Testament, Leviticus 18:22, but have no answer for Exodus 21:7 about selling children into slavery, Exodus 35:2 about putting to death people who work on the Sabbath, which by the way is Saturday of our current Calendar not Sunday. You can’t argue this as Jesus was Crucified on Friday before the Sabbath and placed in a tomb and on Sunday morning the first day of the week. So if killing all those who work on the Sabbath is Sanctioned the church will be a lot more empty on Sunday than it was last week. And finally Leviticus 11:7 in the state of Alabama you really want to talk about touching a pigskin.

    So begin to think for yourself and not what you have been told. To say Christianity has not changed in 500 years is ,well without going into hyperbole, wrong. Religion is defined as a particular system of faith and worship, and Christianity has many religions under that umbrella most of which are not 500 years old. Christianity and the beliefs change constantly, and should be studied to the best of our ability. It is in blind allegiance and blind faith. John 20:29 “Jesus saith unto him, Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed” He said believe he did not say you could not question. and Yes you can question and still believe. Jesus picked Peter to lead his Church on earth, the one who denied him three times, a sinner, and a flawed person, He did not Pick Paul a Zealot to lead the church. Paul advocated and spread the word but he was not the leader. The leader was a flawed man getting up and trying to make it though one day at a time.
    The thing lacking her has been stated and it is love. John 13:34-35 ” A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.” It is that simple, it is not love if you believe as me, it is love one another as I have loved you. Love is missing. Until these two in particular and all of in general learn this lesson things are not going to get better, Families will be torn apart. Matthew 22:26-39 “Master, which is the great commandment in the law? Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

  16. When my own daughter came out to me time stopped. I prayed, internally, beseeching God to give me the proper words. God is good and he gives us what we ask for. This is what I said “THIS DOESN’T CHANGE HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU OR THAT I WANT GOOD THINGS FOR YOU IN YOUR LIFE’. Ashamedly, those words did not represent my feeling of having been wronged somehow (because it’s always about us, right?) We both cried, hugged. She shaking, admitting how scared she’d been, how thankful she was that I still loved her. Me apologizing for all the awful things I’d always said about homosexuals and for how bad that must have made her feel. Me thanking her for still loving me. The Holy Spirit interceded and saved our mother-daughter relationship.
    To deny the message God gave me in those words is to deny the power of the Holy Spirit. It was a supernatural experience that has deepened my relationship with God and honed me.

    I’ve since schooled myself on Greek/Hebrew and the long history of poor translations and additions to biblical text throughout time. I know that the word homosexual as it appears now in the bible is a poor depiction of the loving relationships.. Any sexual debauchery is abhorrent to God, whether homo or heterosexual. Admitting that the bible is not inerrant (despite the abundant historical proof) is clinging to delusion.

    Christians are suppose to be recognizable by how much we love each other. But it’s tough to pick out a Christian in society by that standard! That means we get it wrong most of the time. And it’s God’s work to convert a soul. Our work is to love.

  17. My religion, Christianity, has not changed. Man may have made changes, but the religion remains the same. I simply won’t ever believe these changes are from God. Otherwise, why do you keep using ancient scripture to justify a sin that you also say was part of the change taking place in the 21st century. That’s double speak. One more thing, one shouldn’t have to study so hard, dig so deep, read everything they can written by scholars to try to understand their faith or justify a sin. It’s all in the Bible. If your religion updates like Windows, it’s simply not real. If I spent this amount of time studying I could find an argument for any religion in any form. I choose Jesus. Same yesterday, today and forever. We disagree. Period. I know my faith, my beliefs are real. I don’t have to be on a constant campaign about it. But if that’s what you need to do….know that I pray every day that you’ll see the error of your ways and give up this lifestyle. I know that I will likely die with you clinging to this idea but St Monica prayed for St Augustine for 30 years. I won’t give up, though my faith gets weak now and again and I live a painful life. But I live and as long as I have breath I pray for your redemption.

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