Women’s March FAQ

What is a snowflake?

A “snowflake” is an emotionally intelligent, sensitive individual who is able to put themselves in the shoes of another, thus understanding problems and plights beyond their own. When assembled, snowflakes create an avalanche. There is strength in empathy.

I already have all the rights I need. They aren’t marching for me. What is the point of this “fake” movement?

If a person is saying this, it’s hard to make a point more profound than the one he/she is already making. When one believes a movement to be useless because it doesn’t directly affect them, this displays many symptoms of an ailment called self-absorbed unawareness. As a country so divided, it’s about time we started standing up for one another— lest we further divide ourselves with more “Us vs. Them” mentality.

I’m glad people have all the privileges and rights they have. Really, it’s great for them. But that’s just it. It’s great for just them. And I’m not excluding myself. I have many more advantages than a lot of people. Then again, I feel sidelined and shunned for reasons too. That’s why this movement is anything but fake. It’s an intersectional movement in which some bear the burdens of others while also fighting for themselves. It’s the most real movement I have ever seen.

I am pro-patriarchy and believe in gender roles. Why should I be a feminist?

Believing in traditional gender roles is all well & good, but even those leaning to a more patriarchal society have reason to be an advocate for females.
You’re a feminist if you’ve ever been objectified because of your body, if you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a man’s promiscuity, if you bear silently the trauma of emotional abuse, if you’ve ever been cat-called as you walk down the street, if you’ve been denied a promotion in a male-dominant workplace, if someone brushes aside your mental health issues as just “moody bitch,” if you’ve ever been touched without permission. Should I go on? If we care about ourselves and our dignity, we are feminist.

Why are your signs so vulgar?

The signs at the march are only as vulgar as our president’s comments. Sad. I talked to a group of wise women this weekend who explained this concept to me. I will admit, the verbiage made me cringe too. But what causes that? They explained that it is shame that has been wrongly attached to these words, our fear and mistrust of objectification, and our reluctancy to combat such nasty comments. But two can play at this game! Women are merely reclaiming a derogatory term used against them. Just as African Americans have reclaimed the “N word” from those who used it so violently, just as women rebrand “bitch” from demeaning misogyny, we are grabbing back the word from Donald (pun intended.)

*disclaimer: yes Bill Clinton did similar things, but I didn’t vote for him. I was 6 years old.

I’m pro-life, so why should I understand your march?

Let me begin by saying that feminist issue aren’t just about reproductive issues. Furthermore, and probably something that allows me to be more considerate of this dagger, is that (overall) I would consider myself pro-life on a personal level. That being said, religion and politics don’t mix. We’ve seen this time and time again. In a melting pot society, pushing “In God We Trust” upon people never works. Do I trust in God? Yes. Do I believe in life at conception? Yes. Do I feel the government (predominately male, mind you) has the right to tell women what to do? Resounding no.

If abortion were illegal, they would still be happening. Understand that. They would be performed in back alleys, killing not only children but the mother—  a person in need of assistance and love. By assistance, I even mean preemptive: free/affordable reproductive care and contraceptives.

Why must you be so violent? 

I will just leave this here…

“More than 200 protesters and rioters were arrested on the streets of Washington, D.C. after Friday’s inauguration of President Donald Trump — forcing police to use pepper spray and stun grenades, The Washington Times reported.

But Saturday’s Women’s March on Washington? Not a single arrest was made.”

— People Politics.

Why can’t you just stop being stupid and be like me?

Although it would be nice to live in a world oblivious to the problems and prejudices that surround us, many find it fulfilling and philanthropic to put themselves aside and stand up for the least of these. Plus, aiming for perfection and taking part in hostile commentary seems awfully exhausting to do all at once.


Be kind, be vigilant. Love others, resist prejudice.


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